Floor Standing / Floor Mounted Concealed

The latest Mitsubishi innovation – floor-standing air-conditioner sophisticated in design, rich in function.
Quiet operation
Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners have always been some of the quietest models available in the market. Our new floorstanding models are no exception. It can create a silent and comfortable space where the occupants would not even recognize the existence of air conditioner operation.

Sophisticated Design
From Mitsubishi Electric, an innovative new floor-standing air-conditioner. Our pleasing mix of streamlined form and diversified function. Engineered to keep room walls free, furnish comfy cooling in summer, toasty heating in winter. The “Glossy Pure White” colour ensures a deluxe look, the perfect match for any room. Both upper and lower air outlets remain closed when switched OFF, in a smart and striking image. A superb new air-conditioner from Mitsubishi, providing a handsome fit for your own distinctive interior.

Optimum Air Distribution
Comfy room temperatures are realized by the optimum, powerful and efficient air distribution through upper and lower air outlets. The upper vane angle is remote controllable, with 5 air flow direction levels (+Swing and Auto modes) and 4 wind power levels (+Auto mode). By setting the vane angle almost vertical, annoying direct wind can be avoided for your better comfort.

Slim but Mighty
The unit body is slim and trim, the essence in compact. An ideal size for living rooms, bedrooms, and more. The removable and washable front panel makes cleaning a snap. Easy and regular cleaning allows your air-conditioner stay beautiful while keeping its energy-efficient operation always possible.

The air from both upper and lower air outlets is optimally controlled and distributed evenly to every corner of the room. In heating mode, the warm air is smartly controlled to stay at the floor level: Your feet do not feel chilled any more!


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For living rooms, bed rooms, or offices where a sophisticated design is required.


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