cassette type 4-way air flow


The new 4-way cassette VBM offers different airflow patterns, making it ideal for applications with ceilings 4.2 m in height.

Compact cassette (VCM) to match with 600mm x 600mm ceiling design.

Automatic Air Speed Adjustment
Auto-fan-speed mode enables speedy and comfortable heating during heating startup.
The Auto-fan-speed mode is added to the usual four steps “Low, Mid1, Mid2, High.” The Auto-fan-speed mode enables speedy and comfortable air conditioning because the air flow speeds up when starting, and air flow slows down when the air conditioning becomes stable. (PLFY-P VBM-E ONLY)

Draft-less Air Distribution
The horizontal blow mode* newly employed supplies airflow horizontally not bringing cooled/warmed air directly to occupants thus preventing discomfort sensation due to excessive cooling or direct exposing of occupants to the air blow. (PLFY-P VBM-E ONLY)

Wide Air Flow (PLFY-P VBM-E ONLY)
Cooling softly with Wide Air Flow
Discharge air reaches wider area and the fan speed is decreased by 20% thanks to the new wide shape air outlet.

“i-see sensor” can be used with ceiling cassette type 4-way airflow unit. (Option PAC-SA1ME-E, PLFYVBM-E ONLY)
New 4-way Cassette PLFY-VBM controls the temperature difference at the top and bottom in a room by checking the floor temperature with “i-see sensor”. Comfortable air conditioning can be realized smoothly with “sensible temperature control.” (Option PAC-SA1ME-E, PLFY-VBM-E ONLY)

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Compact body to match with 2 feets (600mm) x 2 feets (600mm) ceiling design.


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