Digital Ducted

Digital scroll compressor: Digital scroll is the next generation of variable compression technology. It can operate under wide capacity range from 30-100% which means reduced no. of start stops and better efficiency at part loads.

Heat exchanger: The outdoor unit has Heat Exchanger which has internally grooved thicker tubes for high efficiency and safe operation during high ambient.

Electronic expansion valve: This helps in maintaining faster and accurate temperature inside the room for better comfort.

Accumulator: It prevents liquid refrigerant from entering into the compressor which ensures high system reliability.

R410a refrigerant: Carrier Digital Ducted use the environmentally sustainable R410a refrigerant.

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Prescise temperature control and improved comfort: Carrier digital ducted maintains precise control of room temperature (+/- 0.5OC) and creates a comfortable environment

Power savings: Carrier Digital Ducted delivers a IPLV of 3.9 which helps save power I part load conditions.

Layout flexibility: Maximum piping length of 50 mtrs.

Compact Indoor Unit: Height of the indoor unit is 345mm for better clear heights of rooms

Cordeless cotroller: Alongwith the corded comptroller with advances features, Carrier Digital Ducted comes with option of Cordless Remote controller also.


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