Non Inverter

Non Inverter



More Comfort Air flow
Precision wind direction control is possible with 3 dimensional air flow technology. Our air flow control makes your environment more comfortable, with both horizontal and vertical deflection at the same time automatically.

Multi Air flow
Large independently driven power diffuser is used.

High Density Multi-Path Heat Exchanger
Heat exchange performance is substantially improved by the thin high-density heat exchanger and multi-path efficiency technology. High performance grooved piping with expanded heat exchanger area is used.

Least Derration Effect
General Air Conditioners are designed to perform at ambient conditions as high as 55°. Housed in larger outdoor units, the machines carry high BTU hyper-tropical compressors with large copper heat exchangers to

Large Outdoor Fan
Large Fan (Ø 450×130) with powerful motor at high CFM for better heat transfer.

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